Wind drags down

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Arabic vesrion

And he who associates(another God) with Allah – it is as though he had fallen from the sky and was snatched by the birds or the wind took him down into an abyssal place. َ_Quran(22:31) Sura Alhajj verse 31

The last minute interpretation and re-interpretation is the magic toll with the clergymen and priesthood to repair the mistakes of their holy book.

They can distort,twist and squeeze words and meanings to make them logical and even holy and continue deceiving the flock and simple common people. But objective contemplation reveals the truth of priestly mantras.

Psychotic sign:

Making analogies and resemblance metaphors is hard for a person suffering from some sort of thinking disorders, and this defect appears in his speech.

Normally when a resemblance metaphor is made, something mysterious and vague is likened to something else well known to the listener so that the picture becomes clearer to him. This is the natural purpose of analogy in human communication.

Poets sometimes play with analogies to attract attention and impress listeners.

The poetic image often has no much value for human communication but is useful for making impression. A psychotic person is powerless of both ways.

Consider the analogy in the above mentioned verse.

The resembled subject : worshiping other god with Allah

resembled to (likened to): falling from the sky

Point of resemblance (in what they are like each other): None. There is almost no similarity.

But for the purpose of argument, we will say that the similarity is messing up.

You can consider the expression in a neutral way. What is the relationship of polytheism with someone falling from heaven ?

What is the point in the bird snatching the infidel ? Does the birds usually kidnap humans? Are humans falling from the sky everyday, or even from time to time ?? Is falling from the sky, a mountain, a building or a high tree linked to polytheism and can be used to explain resemblance ??

When the psychotic person tries to make a resemblance metaphor, he cannot maintain the thread of image between the resembled subject (being infidel in this verse)and the object resembled to (falling from the sky, snatched by birds), and the image is mixed with his thought distortions , and he is drifted into the sensory perception losing the abstract concept, and he loses the intended concept that he tried to employ metaphor for.

The resemblance metaphor appeared in human languages mainly as we mentioned above to clarify the meaning for the listener, where an unknown thing is likened to something known to the listener so that the idea becomes clear.

Though falling from the sky and birds kidnapping humans, is closer to a delusion or a hallucination, it is not an everyday experience and it is not a usual or normal event.

It happens in the psychotic minds more than real life.

In real life a human being would live all his life upto death and he would never see a person falling from the sky or a bird hijacking a human being or a wind that drags down humans.

maybe holywood can present some of these fictions, but not real life.

This is a psychotic image, not a natural one, and cannot be used to illustrate something mysterious because it is fundamentally mysterious and needs to be illustrated itself.

This pathological use of language and metaphors is very common in Quran.

For example, Quran Author said elsewhere, explaining to people the shape of the zaqqum tree (a tree invented by Quran and claimed to be the food of infidels in Hell)

Zaqqum tree was totally unknown to the normal listener.

Mohammad explained when they asked him about it saying: it is a tree that looks like the heads of demons

Is Paradise a better accommodation or the tree of zaqqum?….Indeed, it is a tree issuing from the bottom of the Hellfire,Its emerging fruit as if it was heads of the devils. _Quran37:65

He was talking to his listeners as though they see the devils day and night and that they know well how the heads of devils look like. The heads of demons are part of the visual hallucinations of psychotic people and had a clear picture with author, as he suffers from hallucinations, but he did not realize that it is unknown to the listener, and he was sure that by this he showed them the image of zaqqum.

The use of a fairy picture as if it is a real picture in order to clarify a mysterious idea is a common use in the language of psychotic people and we can find its effect on the length and width of the Quran.

Reflecting on the image of people falling from the sky, we find that the whole phrase was exotic and impulsive because of the flight of ideas that abound in psychotics.

Scientific error:

Quran stated in this verse that wind causes things to fall towards ground. This is a scientific mistake. Wind and air resist falling down of things, gravity is the force behind fall down and not winds.

When something falls, the air or wind exerts its force upward, reducing the speed of the fall and resisting it.

The author lived in a time of great ignorance and darkness. And if one is unaware of the truth, he will definitely fail to mention it. If one believes in false information such as wind cuasing things to fall towards ground, he will mention it as correct.

So why do things fall?

Because of gravity. Gravity exerts a force that pulls objects toward the Earth and overcomes the force of the air that pushes them upward. When the mass of the body is sufficient to generate force toward the Earth and to overcome the force exerted by the wind, things fall. But when the mass of the body is not sufficient to generate enough gravitational force to overcome the resistance of the air, the body flies in the air and does not fall down just like a handkerchief in the air. The gravity tries to bring it down and the wind or air tries to push it upward and resist the fall.

In fact, when we want to calculate the motion of a falling object toward the Earth, we represent it with a famous differential equation (Newton’s second law) where we take the effect of the force of gravity that drags things towards the Earth and the force of the wind that works against the force of gravity to resist the process of the fall down of things toward Earth:

m * (dv / dt) = mg – yv

dv / dt = g – v (y / m)

v = speed

t = time

m = mass

g = gravitational wheel

y = coefficient proportional to the force exerted by the air with the speed of the object

This is a linear differential equation of the first order, and upon its solution, it gives us the velocity of descent of the object whose mass is m and upon which the force of gravity drags down and the force of the air pushes upward.

the magnitude of the drag force D is related to the relative speed v

This is the equation of drag force:

D = 0.5 CpAv2

Anyone in the seventh century who sees a tree branch flying through the air and falling to the ground will think that the wind is the cause and it is what has plunged it.

While what plunges things to a deep place is gravity. As for the wind, it is in fact resisting this fall and trying to raise this thing, but gravity overcomes it in the end if this thing has enough mass to generate a force that overcomes the strength of the wind’s resistance. A major scientific mistake made by Quran author as a result of sensory deception. Any Bedouin will think that the wind is the one that plunges things because he senses the wind and realizes it with his senses, unlike the gravity.

A man from the seventh century will never know that the wind was resisting the fall-dwon and that what drags things in deep places is the force of gravity.

And if a person received revelation from the creator of gravity and the creator of the wind, he would mention the fact or at least won’t make a mistake mentioning the opposite.

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