A thousand years but fifty

And We certainly sent Noah to his people, and he remained among them a thousand years minus fifty years, and the flood seized them while they were wrongdoers. _Quran(29:14)

Like many others claiming to talk with aliens coming down from the skies,Muhammad was suffering from a delusional disorder.
Although it is not a diagnostic sign,but the tendency to believe bizarre stories is very common among psychotics.
And they have a particular way of inverted logic. If I told you, for example, that Nebuchadnezzar lived 100 years, that seems logical and realistic, because people can live this long, and you will not ask me for evidence because that is not impossible. But if I told you that he has lived for 500 years, then you will ask me for evidence.
If you deny my bizarre claim, and I asked you to prove that he did not live this period, I simply asked you to contradict logic and the basics of reason.
In fact my insane claim which is contradictory to reality , logic and the postulates of a sound mind and natural intuition. If I asked people to prove that it is not true then I would be with a dysfunctional logic and thinking.
Muhammad claimed a large number of myths violating to reason , logic and to the basics of science, knowledge and a sound mind. He did not provide any evidence of any of them. Muhammad claimed that there was a flood that flooded everything but one person and those with him. He did not provide any evidence that God really did violate the laws to cleanse the earth of infidels and atheists, and then after he finished formatting earth ,he made them up again !!!!!
Quran Author claimed that Noah lived a thousand but fifty years, in a mythical claim that contradicts all the basics of reason , logic and the affirmations of science. No evidence was provided.
The believer will not seek evidence on this claim but will request others to prove the opposite.
In fact, those who deny the myth do not need to prove anything. The burden rests on those who claim something contrary to reason, reality. If he does not have evidence, then he is a liar. Game is over.
In fact science shows that the average age of a person in ancient times was not even half the current rate.

This is a study that determines the average human lifetime values ​​over time.
You can also read about the life expectancy in this article, supported by scientific sources from Wikipedia

The average age of a person in the Stone Age was 33 years. It decreased in the Bronze and Iron Age to 26 years.
source: bossou, Gombe, Kibale, mahale, and Tal
The biology of man since his appearance on the earth does not allow him to live for periods of more than 200 years, so how about a thousand years. Claiming a human being who lived for a thousand years is just a religious myth. But in order to remain a believer, you must oppose all the scientific facts, the obvious nature, and the logical grounds.
Quran author , for example, claimed too that the monkeys and pigs were originally Jews. Science confirms that monkeys and pigs are mammals that developed and existed millions of years before humans. And it confirms the impossibility of a person turning into monkeys and pigs with abracdabra.
But again, to be a believer, you must deny knowledge, contradict logic and the postulates of common sense. While it is very clear that this is a myth and a crazy claim that contradicts science and logic and the basics of a sound mind and proves Muhammad’s tendency to magical thinking.
The believer demands that others prove that these superstitious myths did not occur. And demanding proof of a myth is purely a mental defect.
What lacks evidence of its existence is considered non-existent until the proof of the opposite is presented.
Delusional Disorder is distinguished from schizophrenia by: The presence of one or more delusions that are related to the delusion theme. The delusion of Muhammad is the grandiose delusion that he is the best of humanity and the chosen to save the world. For hallucinations, they are related to the theme of delusion : prophecy.
This is evident in his hearing a voice that speaks to him with revelation and his vision of the star which comes to him with a God who comes close and hangs like in Surat al-Najm until he is around the corner or lower and then sees the same God again at the end of the way(Sidarat Almontaha).
A person with delusional disorder maintains his personality and can gather the public around him unlike a patient with schizophrenia.
Reading Quran carefully can reveal a honest medical mirror for the disturbance of its author.

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