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Made From Clay

If an uneducated man in ancient times tried to imagine traveling to heaven, how would he imagine what a vehicle would look like?

Surely he’ll imagine it as a winged horse or winged donkey. He can’t imagine a modern vehicle. He cannot know that wings do not work in space because he does not know that. He would fail to consider things like oxygen, pressure and other factors.

The same thing applies if he tried to explain how to create a human being: the creator would use a mold of clay first and then blow up life in it.

He would have no idea about genes and genes would not come to his mind even if he had been thinking for hundreds of years. He would not think of capillaries, cells, epithelial tissues and mucous tissue linings that cannot be made from clay, dirt or sand. Nor can he explain how after making the clay mold, the breath puff blown in it was able to form a beating heart, liver, intestines, vessels, etc. He would mention nothing because he would know nothing.

What he would come up with would only reflect ignorance of his time.

Ignorance leads to misconception.

He’s the one who’s picturing you (making your image) in the womb. 6 Quran -Al-Imran

Religions are a priestly industry developed by a deluded person and maintained by teams of priests, They lack the right foundations of logic and science.

Faith became a pillar of ignorance, a consolidation of superstition and fabrications, and a presentation of psychotic fantasies as though they were facts and truth.

In order to be religious, you must believe in a lot of nonsense and absurdities like the use of clay to create man and animal, the stories of the talking ant, the talking birds, the stomach of a fish functioning as a 5-stars hotel and the wand of wood that developed into a snake and many other long list of myths and lies.

The Prophet by definition is a person who lives in a world of illusions and superstition, he hears voices that the natural person does not hear and sees things that the natural person does not see and has the delusion of grandiosity that he is better than anyone else on earth and in the whole universe. He is only second to God, and sometimes he is God himself.

The Islamic Prophet simply believed that things can be created from a mold of clay and blowing into them some Godly breath.

Therefore, in order to remain a believer, a person must blindly believe everything the Prophet claimed  and contradict the principles of reason and the results of science.

The priesthood, with all its scriptures, failed to refer to a single scientific fact in a simple and clear language that did not need to be interpreted, reinterpreted and twisted to conform to the claims.

The holy books failed to indicate that the basis of life was the DNA/RNA and they believed that man came from a mold of clay blown in it.

Holy books never knew a simple fact : Humans come from one living cell.

When you don’t know a fact, you certainly fail to mention it in any means.

If the presence of man was done through a clay form, then why does he carry the genes of other organisms?

The human genome contains more than 80,000 inert genes. These genes were responsible for the formation of body hair in the horse or the foot in the cow or the hose in the elephant or tail in the monkey. It is still present within every human cell but does not express itself.

Only about 20,000 genes work in the human body. The majority have similar alleles as well in former organisms and other animals. How does the clay hypothesis explain this?

The most important question that the priesthood does not address and gives a ready stored answer is why are there birth errors and congenital defects, like thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, and other hundreds of creation errors? Why these technical mistakes exist if there is a God behind creation?

They usually give a silly excuse : due to a wisdom that only God knows. This answer itself proves the falseness of the clay hypothesis. The correct hypothesis gives explanations and answers and the wrong hypothesis does not give

How does the clay hypothesis explain that God, who has mastered everything he created, made such serious mistakes.

The wrong model can’t give the right predictions.

One of these congenital errors, for example, is when the gene responsible for the growth of dense body hair expresses itself in humans.

This gene has mutated during the development of man and has become dormant. The transformation usually occurs either by a change of amino acid in the protein resulting from the translation of the ribosomal RNA or by a change in another gene responsible for activating this gene.

Man could have had thick hair all over his body, including his face and his entire body, just like other mammals, and it would make no difference. We would have seen a person born without hair (as we are today) as a deformed human being. The issue is totally subjective.

We just got the gene responsible dormant. But there is still a section of humans in which this gene expresses itself. If they were only allowed to marry and reproduce, they would return this gene to the human genetic stock and become a natural and acceptable character as part of the diversity that the priesthood has failed to explain logically to this day.

This condition is called

ambras syndrome or

 congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa

source : medscape

These people are given many names: monkeyman- werewolf- dogman and other names because the hair covers the whole body like the rest of the mammals. The hypothesis of blown-in clay mold cannot answer such a question. Only the theory of evolution has explained cases like this and provided the right answers and even the right predictions about other questions such as what are the likelihood that their children will come like them? The right theory gives correct answers and false assumptions don’t give any answer.

Matter can not be created.

Science tells us that matter can not be create or destroyed and it has always been there. How was it always there? This is what a lot of accelerated scientific research is about. Life is only a form of matter as a result of a certain organization of atoms that has produced at a point of time a compound call Nucleic Acids.

Nucleic Acids remained away from the knowledge of all heavenly books due to a simple fact : authors never knew of them.

Quran said to us:

 “When your Lord said to the angels that I will create a human being from clay and pottery, and when I complete it and blow in it some of my breath, then you kneel to him… 

This verse is nonsense. It doesn’t tell a single correct fact and gives no explanation for anything.

Why does clay produce genetic diseases? Why does clay produce versatility and variation? Why does clay in Africa produce black skin? Why does clay produce two nipples for a man? No answer, no explanation. It’s nothing but ignorance and superstition.

God creates a statue of clay and pottery and then inflates it so it moves and becomes alive, which calls for the angels to prostrate for this wonderful magic.

How can anyone believe this nonsense?

And he is forming you images in the uteri.

Quran says:

“He is the one who portrays you in the womb on whatever image he wants to.” 

So how can he make mistakes while he’s forming us in the womb? This omnipotent creature???

How does it produce birth defects and genetic errors? Genetic diseases such as lactase deficiency, how did it come from clay and sand?

I’m not talking about radiation or medication-caused abnormalities, but about genetic diseases that are transmitted from generation to generation. Sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, enzyme deficiency, depression genes, etc.

The religious hypothesis cannot explain the processes of birth defects related to genes transmitted from one parent.

How does this defect happen during his making us in the wombs?

It happens because this qur’anic claim a lie. No one is forming us in the wombs on any image he likes. We come because A first cell carrying a whole number of genes 2n reproduce and divide to form an organism that controls its chromosomal characteristics. No creator is there watching and controlling our image and form.

Wombs are only an environment for DNA to express itself. All traits are inherited, pre-existing and preserved in DNA since their appearance on Earth and are only transmitted from generation to generation. Man is not created, he is born. Childbirth is not a creation, but a process of transferring genes from one vehicle to another and then the synthesis of materials, atoms and molecules from the environment in the body of the organism. Every gram that the fetus grows is a collection of materials with the same mass from the surrounding environment. Evolution is to change the shape of this vehicle by creating new genes and silencing old genes with the DNA self-replication properties.

Life is one of the consequences of energy and matter.

The existence of life does not require an imaginary creator but a gene.

The presence of genes only requires matter. Science tells us that matter is neither created nor destroyed. It has always been there and we do not need to assume an imaginary creator to explain it.

Not knowing something does not account for evidence of knowing something.

If you don’t know how the matter and universe came into existence, then your ignorance is not an evidence on existence of an imaginary God. As simple as that.

We know now for vacuum fluctuations energy experiments that particles can arise from nothing, and Laurence Krauss explained this fact in his famous book: A universe from nothing.

Science is killing superstation step by step.

Evolution theory is the only scientific interpretation of life.

The presence of genes does not require a creator, but a matter.

The emergence of life does not require the assumption of an imaginary creator.

Let us reflect on the following questions:

Question 1:

Are all the characteristics of the organism like the color of his skin, body hair, the way he walks, the color of his eyes, the composition of each part of his body, small or large, dependent on genes?

The answer is : Yes.

Question 2:

What about qualities such as generosity, courage and stubbornness?

They are linked to genes. No acquired trait could be learned except by the presence of genes responsible for this learning. Traits that people thought were acquired may not be acquired but genetic. Like a tendency to depression, for example. We now know that depression is linked to genes and it runs in families.

Question 3:

If genes are responsible for all the characteristics of an organism, what is the mechanism of the evolution and appearance of new organisms?


A series of mutations in genes. Genes change and new genes are formed that are responsible for new traits. For example, by changing several nitrogen bases a new gene is produced?

Question 4:

Is it possible or impossible to get new genes from old genes? For example, to get a bird’s genes from a dinosaur gene?


It’s never impossible, it’s possible. We need no more than a mutated rate of a very small percentage.

Question 5:

Are genes mutations scientific facts ?


Yes. Proven scientific fact

Question 6:

So what’s the rate of genetic mutation?

The rate of genetic mutation is 0.003 in the genome per cellular generation.

This means that the human genome, for example, has 64 new mutations per generation.

Question 7:

Is this rate enough to produce a human from bacteria in 4 billion years?

Yes. This is possible because of the long time period. This rate is actually more than enough.

Question 8:

If the human really came from previous beings, is there any trace trace of them in his genome?


Yes. 80% of the human genome is dormant. Many of these genes belong to ancestor animals.

An example the gene responsible for the formation of vitamin C. Humans cannot form vitamin C and need to take it from food. The gene exists but suffered from a harmful mutation that made it nonfunctional. But the same gene still works in older mammals.

Another example is the olfactory gene. Some organisms are characterized by a strong smell, such as dogs. The reason is that they have genes responsible for the formation of olfactory proteins. These genes are still present in humans, but they have suffered from a mutation that has made them inactive. Just genetic garbage.

Other examples include the genes responsible for the third eyelid in birds. There is still a small, useless third eyelid in the human eye.

And the genes responsible for the appendix. They are inherited from older organisms and have important work to do there but not in humans.

The bottom line

Life was initially found nearly 4 billion years ago in the form of Nucleic Acids. Genes can produce an organism by translating DNA into amino acids, proteins and enzymes that can build carbohydrates, fats and protean tissues.

These genes are subject to a constantly mutated rate that leads constantly to the emergence of a new generation of organisms.

New attributes accumulate until a new species is formed.

The difference between humans and chimpanzees is not more than 1.5% of genes.

That seems difficult for religious people to accept. But science proves to us day by day that this is the truth away from the illusions and delusions of the holy books authors.

This is why there is extinction of species. To bring a dinosaur means to arrange the steps of millions of Nucleotides in a specific order, Nature can produce this only once.

If there was a creator, the beings would be extinct and returning because a creator can arrange the steps in the same order again and it is no more under the control of mathematical possibilities.

But this is not happening because there is no creator to do that.

That doesn’t happen. And it’s not going to happen. Because the designing creator is nothing but a false priestly hypothesis that has proved to be a failure.

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