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Moon lightens all heavens

The holy text of religions, despite all the false aura around it, is nothing but the hymns of the shepherds from ancient times.

It contains no information other than what a sheep’s shepherd can come up with. It contains all the myths of his time of jinn, goblins, misconceived ideas and primitive interpretations of natural phenomena.

The contemporary clergymen have only these hymns, so they spend all their time reinterpreting them, tearing up and twisting the words to conform with the knowledge of our time.

Primitive qur’anic concept of universe

The primitive man believed that the universe consisted of seven heavens, earth, moon, stars and sun.

They knew nothing about galaxies. Nor about the size of the real universe. They didn’t know there were billions of moons, not a single moon. And billions of suns, not a single sun.

And even more.

They thought that the moon illuminates all seven heavens; i.e.; the whole universe. And they thought the sun too illuminates all seven heavens; the whole universe.

The author of the Qur’an fell into this primitive and deadly error.

This is a mistake which is enough to demonstrate the falseness of the Islamic priesthood, and from one single verse :

أَلَمْ تَرَوْا كَيْفَ خَلَقَ اللَّهُ سَبْعَ سَمَاوَاتٍ طِبَاقًا (15) وَجَعَلَ الْقَمَرَ فِيهِنَّ نُورًا وَجَعَلَ الشَّمْسَ سِرَاجًا (16)

Didn’t you see how God created seven skies (15) and made the moon in them a source of light and (for them) made the sun a glowing lamp (16) _Quran 71:16

The moon is a source of light in the seven heavens 😂😂😂. The moon that can’t be spotted even from Jupiter or Saturn is said in Quran to enlighten the whole universe.

Conclusive evidence

Moslem priests realized the wrongness of this verse since long and they tried to deceive their followers by attempting to claim that the word “noor” means reflected light and the word “siraj” means a radiant light.

This is of course a lie. It is quite the opposite as I will prove later. Noor means self-luminous source of light and for this reason Allah has the name Noor in Arabic. We will see that in the ancient reliable Arabic dictionary “Lesanul Arab”.

Imagine only if someone were talking about our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy. What if this guy says the moon is a source of light in the Andromeda galaxy? Or the sun is a glowing lamp for the Andromeda galaxy?

Neither the sun nor the moon can be observed from there. a fatal mistake attributed to the supposed universe creator.

And that’s just about our nearest galaxy. How about billions of distant galaxies? How can a person in our times believe that the moon is a source of light in all galaxies and the sun is a lamp in them?

Jupiter has more than 70 moons. We don’t get any light here and we’re in the same system. Can a person on a distant star system outside the solar system say that Jupiter’s satellites are sources of light in all galaxies? Or earth’s moon is a light in that system?

It is obvious that these are the ideas of primitive, ignorant sheep shepherds in the old times. The contemporary priesthood has only these hymns to manipulate and play with.

Fairy Tales

The verse started with the words “Didn’t you see.

Didn’t you see how God created seven skies etc.

This is because that what was thought at that time among that society of Mecca.

Of course they did not see and no one else had ever seen any seven skies illuminated by a single moon and a single sun.

 The notion of seven skies is an old myth of the region. The priesthood temples in the middle east somewhat embraced the Ptolemy idea and distorted it slightly to fit the size of the religious claims.

When you start saying”, didn’t you see, it means that the addressees know what you’re going to say and you remind them of that and make an argument for them to support your case.

But the speaker and the listeners didn’t see anything at all? If they believe in this idea, they believe in a false idea in the first place. This does not exempt the speaker from the evidence and does not make the wrong idea true just by magic.

This means that the people of Muhammad’s time believed that there were seven heavens created. They believed that the moon was a source of light in all of them. And that the sun was shining in them all.

Did you get the truth here? Simply put, if the author of the Qur’an was God, he would have corrected this misconception. He will tell them that there were no seven skies but space with galaxies and billions of moons and suns. The moon was not self-luminous (Noor) in all space and the sun is only important within the confines of our solar system. But instead, the Quran accepted their wrong beliefs as true.

If the Qur’an were the word of God, it would have corrected this misconception.

But the verse corresponds exactly to what we expect from a 7th-century Arab.

Muhammad never knew the sun is also a star.

He didn’t know that all the stars were suns either.

This is exactly what we expect from a 7th-century man living in Mecca.

Ptolomy Model

Ptolemy’s model was somewhat accepted among the temples of that era including those of Christianity and after it Islam.

The Earth was thought to be located at the center of the universe ;the sun and the moon to run from east to west around it. The five planets to orbit the earth as well. The fixed stars are located behind the seventh sky.

The priesthood hijacked this idea. They edited it to fit its God and the rest of their fairy tales.

When science discovered that Ptolemy model was not the correct one, scientists simply passed Ptolemy’s model to the shelf.

But the priesthood had already attributed the model of seven skies to God. They were obliged to reinterpret the supposed words of God which were wrong in their original format.

Noor, Siraj and The Big Lie

In an attempt to hide this error, the priesthood establishment made a big lie.

The claimed that the Arabic word “Noor” mentioned for the moon means reflected light and the word “Siraj” mentioned for the sun means radiant light.

This is wrong. It is quite the opposite. Noor means a source of self-illuminating, self-generated light like the light of God and Siraj means a light derived from external source of energy like the night lamp deriving its light from fuel.

Mohammed actually thought the moon is a radiant light and the sun is a reflected or externally derived light.

Noor means self-luminous , visible by its own light and making other things visible, as we shall see from the ‘lesanularab’ dictionary, and Siraj means the lamp and dhia’a means any light.

‘Noor’ also means a universal source of light.

Lesanularab dictionary  the most reliable dictionary of all times for old Arabic , explained the meaning of the word “Noor” by saying:

‘Noor’ is The light that is self-luminous by its own and can make other things appear by its light.

This is obviously not the moon.

Therefore, in Quran ‘Noor’ is one of the names of God. Because God is self-luminous as Quran Author thought of.

‘Noor’ does not mean a reflected light,that is a last minute attempt fabricated against all Arabic ancient reliable dictionaries and against Quran which described Allah as Noor.

From Lesanularab:

النور هو الظاهر الذي به كل ظهور ، والظاهر في نفسه المظهر لغيره يسمى نورا

Translation: Noor is the self-illuminating which can also illuminate all other things and make them visible.

Click this link to see the true meaning of noor(it is in Arabic language).

Siraj means the lamp that derives its light from external oil. and the sun is called siraj by the Arabs. Check out Siraj meaning here.

A surprise for the preists.

Can you imagine that now in all English translations of Quran they translated ‘Noor’ here as a reflected light? Flagrant dishonesty. But in the other verse which states that Allah is Noor they change the translation like this in sura 24:

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant Planet Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive. _Quran 24:46

Notice the idea of planet lit from olive oil. Another big mistake where Mohammad thought planets are lamps lit from olive oil.

‘Noor’ means a self-luminous source of light, self-appearing and able to illuminate others, not a reflected light.

The lie did not hold long. It takes only 30 seconds to check the reliable dictionaries of ancient Arabic to bring it down and expose the dishonesty.

The Quran made a mistake by stating that the moon is ‘Noor’ i.e., self-illuminating. Just like God. Allah is also ‘Noor’ like the moon.

Noor is also one of God’s names ’Al-Asma’a Al-Hosna’. Is God a reflected light dear priests?

His name is Noor. Can we pray to him saying, O reflected light forgive us?😂😂

In Quran, Allah is Noor just like the moon and Mohammed is Siraj just like the Sun (Sura Alahzab 33:46).

Is the mistake obvious yet?

According to Quran, Muhammad thought the moon was the radiant source of light like God, and the sun was a reflected light, not the opposite as they tried to cheat.


The author of the Qur’an concept of the universe was a primitive, naïve conception that is not more than the observation of a shepherd in the 7th century.

He didn’t know there were more than one moon in the universe. All he knows about is one moon.

He didn’t know that there were more than one sun. He never knew the sun is a star and the earth is a planet.

He thought the moon illuminates the whole universe and clearly expressed that.

He thought the sun is a lamp for the whole universe. And it’s clearly expressed, and there’s not a single verse in Quran that says or suggests otherwise.

If you don’t know anything, you’ll fail to mention it. Your failure to mention it implies that you do not know it, not the opposite.

The Qur’an is not a book of science because its author does not know science. If he had known the science, it would have been a science book. The Qur’an is a book of rhymes and punning and vague lyrical references because it is a book of priesthood. The priests make their words vague, strange, and manipulable.

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