Delusional argument vs evidence

You can only warn those who fear their Lord unseen and have established prayer. And whoever purifies himself only purifies himself for [the benefit of] his soul. And to Allah is the [final] destination. Quran – 35:18

People with delusional disorders don’t base their convictions, and behaviors on objective and logical evidence, but on their delusional convictions and over-valued ideas.

When a delusional person is argued with, he considers his ability to find an answer, no matter how ridiculous, to every logical question as an unbeatable evidence for him. Thus, arguments increase the intensity of his delusions

For him the evidence is the ability to find an answer, not to get to the truth.

If he succeeds in finding a self-convenient answer, he’s more secure with his delusions and holds on to his false beliefs more and more.

The above verse discloses the strongest weapons the priesthood uses to get people believe in their claims :fear.

“Only those who fear the unknown and the unseen will believe”. The verse affirms

Fear of death is the fuel of religion. And it is the living media of religions and clergy.

The psychotic person firmly believes in his disbelief and asks people to believe him without discussion.

Superstition is asking people to have faith in and not to seek the evidence

When you believe in one superstition then you have to believe in many others, starting a cascade.

You believe that a shepherd talked to a winged alien having a Hebrew name in a cave and you will necessarily have to believe in another alien watching you from above the skies, then in Satan, then in angels, then in hell and paradise, etc.

Having faith, believing blindly makes you ready to accept any myth that is told to you and keeps you away from logic and objectivity.

You find yourself easily believing that a man lived in the belly of a fish or whale, the virgin birth, in flying mule. And in insects speaking with Solomon and birds spying for him and a man who remains standing for years on his cane after death.

Islam was built on the blind faith of the unseen and the fear of the unknown.

Religions have more to do with its founder than with the Creator if we assume a creator’s existence.

There is no Islam without believing in what Mohammed said and ordered. Similarly, there is no Christianity without Jesus or Judaism without Moses.

It is more about people than about God

Muhammad admits in his Quran that Quraysh believed in the Creator and that they just did not believe that he had spoken to an angel in the cave and said to him,

 ” And they say “O you upon whom the message has been sent down, indeed you are mad. Quran – 15:6

Diagnosing him quite accurately

And in another verse: “If you asked them who created heaven and earth they would say say Allah,

If you asked them who created them, they would say say Allah …

There are many verses like this.

You may picture what happened: Muhammad came down from his cave to tell people That he was chosen by heaven, which sent him  a winged alien  that no one else sees and no one else hears.

They asked him, and what’s your evidence? He replied that he had no evidence, but they had to believe him.

The diagnosis is clear: you’re crazy.

Then they asked him for simple things:

And they swear by Allah their strongest oaths that if an evidence was given to them, they would surely believe in it. Say, “The signs are only with Allah.”. Quran – 6:109

Isn’t it fair enough? Just give us an evidence!!!

 He remained argumentative and evasive.

Then when he refused to provide any evidence they asked for very simple things any one could do.

Blow up a fountain, Bring the verses already written by the heavens, etc.

When he threatened them that he would bring the heavens down on them if they didn’t believe him, they replied : then do it, we will at least know that you don’t lie.

And imagine what; nothing, just another empty threat.

Or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments as you have threatened claimingly. Quran – 17:92

 Claiming prophecy  is a delusion. And when we examine Quran and Mohammed history and track his arguments we find all the ways and methods adopted by delusional people in discussions.

Religions are man-made.

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