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Can you prove God doesn’t exist?


It’s fairly easy to demonstrably prove that the [religion] accounts of Adam and Eve, and Noah’s worldwide deluge, are fables. It’s easier to prove these stories false because, unlike the notion of God, the Creation account and Noah’s flood are scientifically testable. Science may explore human origins and the geologic history of Earth. In this regard, science has incontrovertibly proven that the Book of Genesis is utter mythology. So while, on esoteric philosophical grounds, I hesitate to claim absolute proof of a god’s nonexistence, I will claim proof that the Bible [and Quran] are not “The Word of God” because much of it has been shown by science to be false.

Thomas Edison

“I have never seen the slightest scientific proof of the religious theories of heaven and hell, of future life for individuals, or of a personal God.”

—THOMAS EDISON (1847-1931), in Columbian magazine

Again, there is no more reason to believe in the [Abrahimic] god than to believe in the Greek or Roman gods. Can I absolutely prove Zeus nonexistent? No. Do I believe that Zeus exists? No.
Remember that the rules of logic dictate that the burden of proof falls upon the affirmative position: that a god does exist. Atheists have no obligation to prove or disprove anything. Otherwise—if you demand belief in all Beings for which there is no absolute disproof— then you are forced by your own twisted “logic” to believe
in mile-long pink elephants on Pluto, since, at present, we haven’t explored Pluto and shown them to be nonexistent. The idea of the [Abrahimic] god only seems more rational than the pink elephants or the Greek gods because we’ve been brainwashed into accepting the [Abrahimic] god by repetitive parental and societal propaganda.

Source : Atheist Universe – David Mills

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