Quran concept of germination

Indeed, Allah is the cleaver of grain and date seeds. He brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living. That is Allah ; so how are you stray? -Quran 6:95

The author of the Qur’an classified seeds as dead and was bragging that God brings the living plant from the dead seed.

The fact is that grains and seeds are not dead, and if they die, they cannot germinate. Dead seeds cannot bring the living from the dead.

Not a single living organism can come forth from a dead ancestor.

Life evolves in such a way that a living organism comes only from a living one.

Seeds and grains are living cells. The living can’t get out of the dead. The living only comes out of the living.

This is a grave mistake in the holy scripts of Islam.

Seeds are living embryos and need nutrition to stay alive and keep dormant until they grow under the right conditions. When they die, they don’t grow anymore.

The seed consists of an external cover called seed coat..

The cover preserves the embryo that carries the genes of the plant in question from injury or death.

The seed coat can be as thin as legumes or thick as a coconut.

The embryo is fed from a food pack surrounding it and called Endosperm  and consists of special units called  Cotyledons.

If the plant embryo does not die and is provided with the necessary food, the grain will remain dormant  until the conditions are appropriate and then  germination takes place where oxygen and water are taken to the embryo and the cells of the embryo begin to multiply.

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